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Watch Our Launch Video - Then Get Involved

Yesterday, we officially kicked off our project. You can watch and share our launch video across social media platforms:

We're waiting for the 30 day cooling period to pass, and then we'll have all our content on YouTube as well.

The video has drawn attention - mostly good, though we also thank those who (quite rightly!) complained about the use of surgical masks. Unfortunately, stock footage also suffers from a lack of N95s, and to create our own custom footage would have added a great deal of time and expense to the launch video. Given the current state of affairs, we judged that we needed to move fast - but we've added a project to start creating a stockpile of footage with proper masks for future content.

We are launching the public awareness campaign that governments should have been running for the past two and a half years. If we can't get it from the people at the top, then we'll create it from the bottom up. This project is entirely organized by volunteers: people who care about truth, equity, and safety.

People who are willing to work to defend our families, our communities, and our collective future.

People like you.

If you're ready to take part, click here and let our organizers know.

Alone, defeating the pandemic would be impossible. If we all work together, it becomes inevitable.

Let's win this fight.

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