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We not only need mitigations like masks and rapid tests to help us through this critical phase of the pandemic; ultimately, we also need a strong public health response to deliver the long-term solutions and security we deserve. The COVID Reality Project advocates for those solutions here in Canada. These efforts include proper ventilation in public buildings, universal masking in high-risk areas, and greatly increased support for vaccine distribution  both at home and abroad, among others.

We'll be adding our campaign efforts in the field to the right as we develop them. Got an idea or want to partner on a campaign? Let us know!

Recently, Protect Our Province New Brunswick received the results of their Freedom of Information request, and learned just how much evidence of the harm of Long COVID public health officials had ignored. We're seeking to emulate their success, organizing to file freedom of information requests regarding Long COVID, mask mandates, school ventilation, and other essential topics.  Click here to learn more and take part.

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Safer Sundays are a way for businesses to offer pregnant, immune-compromised, and other vulnerable people a safer way to conduct essential business for at least a few hours each week. To participate, simply require masks on all staff and customers, and ensure staff on-duty are up to date on vaccination, for the first two hours of business each Sunday. If you're taking part, let us know by clicking here - we'll add you to our map! (Coming soon)

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Sign the petition calling on Doug Ford to to restore local control to school boards, allowing them to offer enhanced COVID protections for their students.


Sign the petition to implement mask mandates in high-risk and essential locations such as medical facilities, grocery stores, and transit.

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