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About Us

Our Team

We are grassroots volunteers who realized that the pandemic is not over, and that it cannot be wished away.

A pandemic is a fast-moving, complicated situation. Timely, accurate information is vital - particularly when governments have abandoned any pretense of collective action.

Our friends, neighbours, and family members are constantly being exposed to the virus because they've been misinformed. They want to do the right thing - but the information they get is out of date, or minimized, or even outright false.

Our job is to fill the gap left by the abdication of our leaders. We're working with public health professionals and medical experts to create public awareness around the current realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, effective mitigations for the latest variants, and the kinds of long-term solutions that can give us a real escape path.

Reliable Information

We source reliable, evidence-based information from reputable sources and distribute it widely in compelling, easily shared, easily understood format through our grassroots network.

Our Tests

Real Solutions

We advocate for real solutions and real mitigations - universal masking in high-risk areas, ventilation improvements in public buildings, a comprehensive public-health and "vaccine+" approach to combatting the pandemic.

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