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File a Freedom of Information Request

Recently, Protect Our Province New Brunswick received the results of their Freedom of Information request, and learned just how much evidence of the harm of Long COVID public health officials had ignored. We're seeking to emulate their success, organizing to file freedom of information requests regarding Long COVID, mask mandates, school ventilation, and other essential topics.  Read more about our plan below - or if you're ready to volunteer to file a freedom of information request now, click here.

We know that public health officials and government ministries have been at best ignoring - and at worst, actively covering up - the scale of damage that COVID is inflicting. Government officials have been evasive in answering questions about their decision-making process.

With Freedom of Information requests, we can legally compel provincial governments responsible for the failed pandemic response to share the information they used (and ignored) to make their decisions; the data they have on Long COVID which they have refused to publicize; what, if any, work they're doing to improve ventilation in public buildings; and any correspondence between public health officials and other bodies which would show what they've been hiding, and why.

Because the scale of the issue is so large, we've created a plan to help share the load. By volunteering to be part of this effort, you will be asked to identify which province you live in, which specific topic  you'd like to file a request about, and what time period your request will cover. When you volunteer, you'll receive an email which explains how to make a FOI request in your province.  You'll also receive an automatic reminder in 30 days, which is the time limit that all FOI requests are obliged to be answered within.


You can see which FOI requests have already been claimed here. Please check that before submitting to ensure you avoid duplication.


To volunteer to file a request, please use this form to let us know the details. This allows us to coordinate, avoid duplication, and ensure we are covering top priority requests. We're asking volunteers to claim just one, specific type of request, for specific time periods - larger requests are often delayed, and can become expensive as well. By distributing the requests widely, we can share the load, speed up the process, and get the truth together.

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