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Announcing: the public awareness campaign the government should have run

While anti-vaxxers and disinformation mongers make a lot of noise, there truly aren't many of them (ignore the bots). Most people want to do the right thing and make the right decisions about COVID.

But with variants rapidly arising and science scrambling to keep up, it can be difficult for even well-informed and well-intentioned people to keep up. And unfortunately, bots are not the only source of COVID misinformation.

Too many of our leaders have bowed to economic and political pressure, minimizing COVID as a way of celebrating their "leadership" and getting the economy "back to normal". And good people listen to those leaders and conclude that the pandemic is over, and they and their families are safe.

But the pandemic is not over. And vaccines are not enough to guarantee safety.

Since the government and business leaders seem uninterested in communicating timely, accurate, evidence-based information about the current pandemic, effective mitigation strategies, and long-term collective solutions, we're going to fill the gap.

We can keep each other safe and reduce risk by sharing credible, accurate, and up to date information about the ongoing pandemic in compelling and accessible ways. And we can work together to identify mitigations to reduce individual and community risk while also advocating for long-term solutions that can truly bring the pandemic under control.

It's up to us to look out for each other. So that's what we are going to do.

Welcome to the COVID Reality Project.

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