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The pandemic is not over.

We provide accurate, timely, and evidence-based information about COVID, sourced from the people we've learned to count on:

each other.

We fill the void left by government, creating public awareness messaging to convey the latest studies, current pandemic status, and optimal mitigation strategies. And we share essential COVID resources.

The government won't track tests - but together, we all can. Share your rapid test results through and help build a clearer picture of the pandemic. (RapidReport is not affiliated with COVID Reality Project) offers free high-quality masks to those who need them. You can support their efforts, or request free masks, on their website.

We advocate for real, evidence-based solutions to end the pandemic.

About Us

We are grassroots volunteers stepping up to do the job our government should have been doing in the first place. We work with health professionals to gather reputable, evidence-based information about the COVID-19 pandemic and craft compelling public awareness messaging to ensure people know the latest and most accurate information.

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